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Spirits News: Longtime technology partner Drizly sells to Uber Technologies for $1.1 billion.

Sun, Dec 12, 21  | 

Spirits News: Longtime technology partner Drizly sells to Uber Technologies for $1.1 billion.

February 5, 2021, 4:58 am, Blog


-Stef Ruiz


Local retailer enjoys stunning growth thanks to Uber’s newly acquired Drizly.com

  • Local retailer Downtown Spirits helped launch Drizly in Seattle in 2014,
  • Drizly recently acquired by Uber Technologies for $1.1bn
  • Letter to retail partners promises increased growth, improved logistics and enhanced tech, and
  • Downtown Spirits continues its growth trajectory by broadening technology partnerships to create a 21st century liquor store.

Seattle, WA, February 5, 2021 – When Downtown Spirits and Drizly launched in Seattle in 2014, there hadn’t been a whisper of an Amazon Prime Now (Jeff Bezos’ entry into this market was nearly a year later). On demand fulfillment of goods was a new concept, and Marques Warren’s company Downtown Spirits had been in discussions with Instacart and Postmates that he felt would help position Downtown Spirits as Seattle’s premier liquor retailer of the new millennium of instant gratification. Then just weeks into our evaluation of these now familiar tech names, Drizly showed interest in Downtown Spirits and due to Drizly’s clear, determined focus on the regulatory issues faced in alcohol delivery (a national cluster of 50 different sets of state laws) he felt their focus on building an alcohol centric company was in our best interest.

 Moreover, Drizly provided Downtown Spirits with first class technology to center its growing local business around as he sought to satisfy the need for immediate gratification amongst our target audience of millennials and other tech savvy customers.

“Our unique location allows us to deliver promptly to nearly all of central Seattle and beyond,” says Warren. “What began as a trickle has turned into a growing, thriving customer community benefiting from Downtown Spirits’ enhanced web presence and convenient delivery service.”

Having completed over 30,000 deliveries in 2020, Downtown Spirits is anticipating another stunning year with double-digit growth in its delivery sales channel for 2021.  Moreover 90% of the orders completed year-to-date were delivered in 60 minutes or less.


Downtown Spirits is a retailer in the Denny Triangle / South Lake Union area of Seattle that commenced operations in 2012. With a mission rooted in Joy Fulfillment, this local retailer was selected by leading industry publication Market Watch Magazine in 2019 to receive its Market Leader award. Owner Marques Warren was born and raised in the Seattle area.