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Signatory Vintage Scotch Whisky

Signatory is an independent bottler of rare Single Malt Scotch Whiskies. It is one of three fully independent bottlers in the world. Signatory hand selects casks from the highest-quality scotch distilled in Scotland. The malts are all-natural, no caramel color is added to change the taste or hue of the Scotch. Each bottle is hand-labeled, individually-numbered and comes from a single cask of a single vintage. To preserve the original flavor, Signatory Scotch is bottled as it comes from the cask to produce a collection of the most rare and truly single-malt whiskies representing the country’s most distinct flavors. If Scotch is considered the premier category in spirits, Signatory Vintage Scotches are the highest-quality products within this category.

Signatory Vintage Scotches are available in three labels: 86 Proof, Unchill Filtered, Cask Strength.

Downtown Spirits is proud to offer a selection of Signatory Vintage Scotches, some of which are listed here. Due to the rarity and exclusivity of these products, please note that supplies are limited. Contact for more information.

86- Proof Series

This collection offers a comprehensive range of single malts, up to 20 years old, from each of the distilling areas in Scotland. These whiskies are all bottled at 86 proof, and are offered in color coordinated presentation tins with matching labels, identifying the regions of distillation.
  • Edradour: 10 year / Unchillfiltered 
  • Linkwood: 1995
  • Glen Grant: 1997
  • Mortloch: 1997/1998
  • Fettercairn: 16 year
  • Clynelish: 1998
  • Strathmill: 15 & 16 year
  • Brackla: 1993

Unchill Filtered

Whisky has natural fats and oils, which can cause the product to become cloudy when mixed with cold water or ice. To prevent the cloudiness, larger distilleries tend to chill and filter their whisky before bottling it to remove the fats and oils. Since these components add to the complexity of a whisky’s aroma and flavor, Signatory uses an “un-chillfiltering” process to preserve the natural flavor of our Scotches. “Un-chillfiltered” whisky retains much more of the body, flavor and texture in the Scotch whisky.

  • Craigellachie: 13 year
  • Ardmore: 1999
  • Glen Keith: 1998
  • Laphroiag: 12 year 
  • Glen Rothes: 1999
  • Imperial: 15 year
  • Auchentoshan: 1999
  • Bowmore: 1999
  • Longmorn: 1992
  • Glenlivet First Fill Sherry Cask: 1995
  • Blair Athol: 1999
  • Caol Ila: 2000
  • Cragganmore: 1998
  • Bruichladdich: 1994
  • Braeval: 1998
  • Glenlossie: 1992
  • Macduff: 1995
  • Caperdonich: 1994

Cask Strength

The Cask Strength Collection offers a comprehensive selection of natural strength whiskies, in individually numbered bottles. This selection offers whiskies up to 35 years old at full cask strength.

  • Caol Ila: 1992
  • Glen Elgin: 1991
  • Highland Park: 23 year
  • Bunnahabin: 1978   
  • Laphroiag: 1995
  • MacCallan: 22 year   
  • Cragiduff: 33 year
  • Glenisla: 29 year
  • Glen Ord: 1998
  • Bowmore: 24 year 
  • Dallas Dhu: 1980  


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