Downtown Spirits - Seattle

North Coast Brewing Co. Beer and Cheese Tasting w/ The Cheese Cellar

Saturday, February 23rd 4:00 - 6:00pm

Forget wine and cheese, try a beer and cheese pairing! Come by Saturday, February 23rd 4-6pm when we'll be sampling North Coast Brewing Co. beer and pairing them with cheeses from Seattle's The Cheese Cellar.

But what makes them perfect for pairing? Beer and cheese have a long history together and both have roots in countries with rich brewing and cheese-making traditions. In fact, both are bi-products of grain. Think back to a more agrarian lifestyle: The grain used to make beer was often the same grain fed to animals that produce cheese. Grass, or in the case of beer - barley and wheat, is broken down through enzymatic processes into simple sugars. These simple sugars are then broken down by yeast and other microflora. After an aging process the end product is beer and cheese. This grain-based commonality translates into an important thing for pairing- the two share similar flavor profiles. Beer and cheese are often described as nutty, yeasty, floral, earthy, so it's no wonder these two products  are such a perfectly delicious combination! 

During the tasting we'll be pouring the full flight of North Coast's beers paired with artisan cheeses provided by Dennis, resident Cheese Monger. Come enjoy the following expert pairings: 

Scrimshaw Pilsner with aged gruyere
A lightly hopped, German pils style lager with a light malt body and a clean, refreshing finish, paired with the nutty, earthiness of Swiss gruyere cheese.

Blue Star American Wheat Ale with monterey jack
An unfiltered, lemon-citrus spritzy brew paired with aged monterey jack cheese.

Pranqster Belgian Golden Ale with aged cheddar
A bubbly malt bomb of a strong Belgian pale paired with a hearty aged cheddar.

Brother Thelonious Abbey ale with Burgundian cheese
Dark fruits and roasted sugar blend with a creamy bitterness in this dubbel-style ale, paired with a pungent, creamy Burgundian cheese.

Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout with French double-cream cheese
Roasted coffee and dark chocolate perfection, bottled with hints of alcohol and a mild hop aroma, paired with a French double-cream soft cheese. 

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