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A Pre-Valentine's Day Beer Tasting with Merchant du Vin

Tuesday, February 5th 5:00 - 7:00pm

Merchant du Vin has been building up their impressive import beer portfolio since 1978. Today, it represents some of the world's finest handcrafted beers from nations with deep, rich brewing traditions, such as England, Scotland, Germany and Belgium. Come by Downtown Spirits Tuesday, February 5th 5-7pm and sample some of these classic beer styles. Catch the tasting line-up below.

Samuel Smith’s Organic brews are certified vegan and made with 100% USDA accredited UK Soil Association organic ingredients. The Apricot is a rich, golden ale blended with apricot juice for a refreshing, mildly tart brew that pairs well with breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Chocolate Stout is made in the traditional English style with roasted barley flavors and a fuller body than its Irish counterparts. It is blended with organic cacao that adds sweet chocolate flavors to balance the dryness of this stout. We picked these because they are very versatile beers that would be great for couples to share and pair with dinner.

Lindeman’s Framboise and Peche are great for Valentines Day. These two lambics are wild-yeast fermented ales that sparkle like wine from bottle-conditioning and showcase the aromas and sweetness of fresh fruits. Romantic, no? They’re cork-topped and beautiful: Lindeman’s are great beers to savor and share.

Of all the great beers from Merchant du Vin, we chose Orval Trappiste Ale because of the romantic story behind it: 

    According to legend, Princess Matilda was passing through this region in about 1070 with her retinue. She stopped at a clear spring and trailed her hand in the water - and her wedding ring, a gift of her recently-deceased husband, slipped off her finger and sank. Distraught, she knelt and prayed fervantly for its return . . . and a trout swam to the surface with the ring in its mouth, returning it to her. She is said to have claimed "Truly, this is a golden valley!" (French: Or = gold; val = valley) She gave the land to the church, and the trout with the gold ring can be seen to this day in the Orval logo.” 

                                                                                                                                              - Merchant du Vin

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