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Downtown Spirits Team

We’re thankful to have an awesome team of people who are both knowledgeable and passionate about providing a great customer experience.

Here are some members of the Downtown Spirits family who are eager to help you with selecting the right products for every occasion.

Downtown Spirits


Senior Purchasing Manager

Terry is an expert in wine and spirits for over a decade! When he’s not at work, you can find him reading, playing games, or cooking. With such an assortment of different drink types, there is a perfect drink for every type of cuisine and activity, so make sure to ask him when you stop by the store and he’ll help you select the perfect drink for any occasion! Some of his favorite selections right now are Mezcal and Champagne.


General Manager

Tony brings a wealth of knowledge and passion for helping others. His role as the General Manager enables him to help both employees and customers with finding the help and support they need. He is a published author and graduate of Seattle University with a passion for basketball. When he’s not coaching or playing on the court, you will find him spending time with his friends and family.


Corporate Accounts Coordinator

Jordan is a lover of whiskey and craft beer, so as the Corporate Accounts Coordinator he’s the perfect contact to figure out the ideal drinks for your business event. He was born and raised in New England and moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2010. In his free time, you’ll find him outdoors hiking, camping, playing sports, or taking some amazing scenic photos.


Beer Buyer

Corey is a beer expert with some incredible hidden talents and a passion for music. At work, he’s helping share his knowledge of everything beer and making sure customers find some of the best beers out there. When he’s not working, you will likely find him either playing or listening to music. Not only does he play the guitar, but he also has a passion for writing music. When you stop by Downtown Spirits, make sure to ask him about anything music related while he’s recommending some amazing brews!


Fulfillment Manager


Administrative Assistant