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- 1 Turkey
- A slab of the best smoked bacon you can find
- High quality butter
- 3-12 Jalapenos (depending on your preferred level of spice)
- Fresh garlic and onions
- Olive oil
- Fresh rosemary
- Bourbon (I usually use Maker's Mark. Anything better is not worth cooking with)
-100% pure  maple syrup
- Salt & pepper

- Whole grain bread
- Carrots and celery
- Onions and garlic
- Brie cheese (or any creamy cheese that is to your liking)
- Merguez (this is a Moroccan lamb sausage, a good substitute would be a spicy andouille cajun sausage)
- White wine
- Milk or cream (optional)
- Salt and pepper

(Photo credit: Sara Moulton Enterprises)


1) Stick whole grain bread in the oven

2) Line the bottom of the turkey pan with Washington state grown apple slices.

3) Sautee onions in a large pan with a generous amount of olive oil.  Add garlic and Jalapenos after 
onions just start becoming clear. Add salt and pepper.

4) Add a generous amount of Bourbon, butter and turkey necks to the pan. After a couple of minutes, 
lower heat to a simmer and add the fresh rosemary.  Allow the concoction to simmer for at least 30 
minutes (add Bourbon to the mixture or to a personal tasting glass at your leisure).

5) While the bourbon sauce is simmering, you can work on the stuffing.  At this point, the whole grain 
bread should be nice and crunchy, overcooked and slightly burnt.  Take it out of the oven and cut it up 
into large crouton size chunks.

6) Cut up the celery and carrots and combine with bread chunks in a large bowl.

7) Cook and slice the sausage and combine with other ingredients.

8) Add lots of brie and about a quarter cup of white wine.

9) Stir the bowl.  If the ingredients are not combining properly, add milk or cream.

10) Stuff the Turkey with the stuffing.

11) Now that you have stuffed the Turkey, you can get back to the delicious Bourbon medley.  Take a 
cooking syringe and inject the sauce throughout the bird.  Focus extra attention on the breast, as it is 
the part of the animal that is most often lacking in moisture.

12) Pour extra bourbon sauce over the bird and allow it to settle at the bottom of the turkey pan.

13) Coat the turkey with maple syrup.

14) Lay bacon slices across the turkey so that the entire surface is covered. Make sure that no turkey 
flesh is exposed.  

15) Cook it up! I'm sure you will know how to judge when it is fully cooked.  It always depends heavily on 
the size.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 
Downtown Spirits will be open from 11 am to 7 pm on Thanksgiving Day (November 22).

Written by Meru Belbayeva — November 18, 2012

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