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In honor of Fall's arrival and Demitri's Bloody Mary Mix appearing on our store shelves, this week's featured cocktail is a Bloody Rosemary.

I wrote a bit about Demitri's Bloody Mary Mix in our previous post, but let me add here that I'm a bit a Bloody Mary snob.  For a long time, I wouldn't have believed that there was a mix out there that could equal a well-crafted scratch Bloody Mary.  That changed when I moved to Seattle and started working at bars that carried Demitri's.  Now I can't remember the last time I actually bothered to put together my own spice blend, Demitri has done the work for me already.  I might add a little something here or there if I'm feeling saucy, but as far as base seasonings go, Demitri's is tops in my book.

We're going to pair his awesome Bloody Mary mix with an equally awesome vodka, the Rosemary flavored vodka from Oola Distillery.  Oola is one of the new crop of craft distilleries that have been springing up in the state in the last few years, and they're one of my favorites.  They make great small batch vodka, gin, and whiskey, and have some of the friendliest staff around.  I highly recommend you visit their tasting room to take a look at their operations.  They're up on the hill at 1314 E Union.

Their Rosemary Vodka is distilled from organic winter wheat from Eastern Washington and infused with local blue rosemary.  It's got a great clean rosemary flavor that stands up nicely to the tomato and spices in the Bloody Mary mix.  It's 84 proof and comes in a 375 ml bottle.  Our current stock on hand is from Batch no. 3, Case no. 4. 
Recipe for the Bloody Rosemary is as follows:

1.5 oz Oola Rosemary Vodka
3 oz Demitri's Classic Recipe Bloody Mary Mix (this is as mixed with tomato juice, not straight)

Pour those into a mixing glass full of ice and shake.  Don't shake Bloodies to hard or they can get foamy, you just want to do enough to mix the ingredients well.

Pour the contents of the mixing glass into a serving glass rimmed with Demitri's Rimshot rimming salt.  To rim a glass with salt, run a lemon wedge around the top of the glass and dip it lightly into the rimming salt.  Generally after shaking, you'd strain the liquid over fresh ice.  With Bloody Marys I feel like too much flavor is lost that way, so for this one just pour it all in.

Our garnish for this one is super simple, just a sprig of rosemary to give a nice scent as you're drinking it.  I don't think this Bloody needs a lot of 'salad' on top to make it pop, but the choice, as always, yours.

Jawn Wakefield

Written by Meru Belbayeva — October 18, 2012

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