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One of the great perks of being in this industry is getting the chance to taste some incredible products. Recently, I got to try The Hakushu, a 12 year old single malt from Suntory Whisky. I was at an event at Vessel in Seattle where I had the pleasure of meeting Neyah White, the West Coast Brand Ambassador for Yamazaki. Neyah gave me a run down of the difference between Scotch and Japanese whisky, then handed me a glass of Japan's lesser known export. I'm still getting comfortable with whisky vernacular, but I can tell you this - Hakushu is good. It's bright, clear and memorable. To give you a better description, I set out to do some research. Here is what I found on the Suntory Whisky site:

Color: pure gold 
Nose: fresh green leaves, green apple, pear, soft smoke
Palate: sweet pear, butter cookie, crisp
Finish: soft, pleasantly smoked, dry

This description is accompanied by some impressive accolades  - 2009 & 2010 IWSC Gold, 2011 SWSC Double Gold. 

Something else I stumbled upon during my search was this video taken at The Summit, a New York City bar. Here, Gardner Dunn, Suntory's National Brand Ambassador, reveals the importance of the ice ball in Japanese whisky culture. 


- Meru Belbayeva

Written by Meru Belbayeva — October 14, 2012

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