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St. Germain

Or en anglais – a curious mixture. That is how the Parisians would describe St. Germain. Neither passionfruit, peach, grapefruit nor pear, this unique liqueur is often described as eliciting these flavors. In fact, St. Germain is extracted from elderflower, a delicate little white flower that grows in France. And every Spring since 1884, a fleet of men climb the French hillside to harvest the wild blossoms. They gather the fragile flowers into sacks, descend the hills and mount their bicycles to deliver the fragrant parcel to the St. Germain collection depot. And this old world method continues to this day. The process by which the elderflower essence is coaxed from the flower is, however, a family secret. But who could blame them? Such a light, fresh and versatile liqueur is truly a trade secret.

We couldn’t resist this l’histoire! So as an ode to this old world production, we’re giving away a St. Germain bicycle! Vraiment! Just purchase a bottle of St. Germain at Downtown Spirits to enter your name into the drawing. Below are a few recipes using St. Germain to bring out your inner bartender and all of the ingredients are available at                                                             Downtown Spirits. Supplies are limited, so hurry hurry!


Written by Meru Belbayeva — September 29, 2012

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