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Yo Ho Ho (And a bottle of whoa)...

As someone who couldn't sit on a boat without turning green within a few minutes, being a sailor is definitely not on my shortlist of desirable occupations. Living in the Caribbean for a good part of my life drove the point home, but luckily there were plenty of good reasons to keep me in the area: notably the rum. The abundance is incredible, but its variety is even more impressive, so eventually you explore the different flavors and learn the history of all the distilleries. Though, after I left the tropics my taste in rum took an unexpected turn with a sip of Sailor Jerry's.

While hanging out with some friends, I confronted one of them after he brought a bottle of Sailor Jerry's with no mixer. He insisted I try it neat: a privilege I reserve for select labels, most of them aged in the dougle-digits. After pouring a bit and taking a whiff, I was intrigued with the warm, spicy aroma and bright amber body. So, defying my own convention, I took a sip, savored it, and realized that my friend was right. At first contact the spices blend for a smooth introduction and then unfurl to bite before leaving with a creamy after-taste. I figure that if it were somehow carbonated, one would mistake it for a hard cream soda and hopefully not get carried away. Any rum pirate who loves his gold and silver would no doubt enjoy sailing the seas with a bottle of Sailor Jerry's.

                                    - Ryan Phillips                 


Norman Keith Collins, aka "Sailor Jerry". 

Written by Ryan Phillips — September 27, 2012

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