Downtown Spirits - Seattle

Spirits prices include all taxes in the frontline price, including:

  • The 10% wholesale fee
  • The 17% retail fee paid to the Washington State Liquor Control Board
  • The 20.5% spirits sales tax
  • The additional $3.77 per liter tax
Wine and beer prices are subject to:
  • The 10.1% state and local sales tax
This tax policy is dictated to us by the Liquor control Board and the Washington State Department of Revenue. Your online purchase with Downtown Spirits will be delivered with an additional invoice that breaks down all taxes paid.

We are family owned and operated since 2012. Proud to offer Downtown Seattle's largest selection of wine, beer and spirits! Over 1200 wines, 900 craft beers, 10 growler taps, kegs, ciders, 1300 specialty spirits, and more.